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Voice Lessons

Jodelle has been teaching private voice lessons for over 15 years. Many of her students have gone on to pursue careers as professional singers and performers

Being a good singer comes down to proper technique which incorporates BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

BODY-The most important aspects of the body portion are breath, posture and making a nice big space in the back of the throat by raising the soft pallet and stretching the tongue down. It is hard work but there are many exercises we do to train each of those specific areas.

MIND-Mindset plays a very important role. Positive thinking and patience are key. Learning to sing properly is a very slow process and there are always improvements to be made. Be gentle with yourself.

SPIRIT-Discovering and making the deepest connection with yourself is important in setting yourself apart from the rest. Singing is such a wonderful form of expressing our true selves. Don’t try to imitate other singers. It’s never too late to find YOUR voice.

What Jodelle enjoys most about teaching are the personal connections built with each individual student. It brings Jodelle such joy to see a student improve their voice, technique and confidence. Whether you want to improve your voice for karaoke or your church choir or pursue a career in singing, Jodelle’s Technique is absolutely proven to provide you with the tools necessary to get to your destination. Jodelle works with all genres of music and students of all ages ranging from 9 and up.

It's never too late to find your voice and explore the creativity of singing.


    • Working with Jodelle weekly brought me so much joy. Not only did we work on vocal technique and find music for my book, but she also helped me build my confidence in every which way. She was a mentor, friend, and confidant. And now I am living my dreams and getting closer and closer to my goals as a performer. The very same dreams and goals we used to talk about during our lessons. -Samantha M
    • I have been working with Jodelle for the past four years. During this time I have definitely noticed a large improvement in my vocal skills due to her teaching methods. Along with this she is extremely easy to talk with, very personable, and someone who makes me feel very comfortable, and unafraid to make mistakes. -Anthony B
    • Jodelle is a fantastic and patient voice teacher. I'm glad to have her as a resource to improve my skills. -Ben P
    • Jodelle pays a lot of attention to technique and the fundamentals of learning to sing. -Ella N
    • Not only has Jodelle drastically helped me improve as a performer, but as a person. Her genuine care and devotion to instilling confidence and ease in her students vocal abilities is a gift. Her extensive knowledge of physiology and anatomy of voice makes her an extraordinary teacher. I highly recommend her! -Laura B
    • Jodelle has been working with my daughter for several months now and I have seen her confidence and her skill grow tremendously during that time. She has really helped my daughter step out of her comfort zone and has brought her vocal ability to a new level. -Angela K
    • Working with jodelle has not only improved my vocal technique, but my confidence as well! By noticing all of the details in my voice, jodelle is able to correct and improve my technique as a singer and creates a big improvement for my vocal skills. -Maddie M
    • Jodelle’s singing lessons have improved my voice beyond what I could have imagined. Each lesson is the highlight of my week, where we cover different techniques for different songs, eliminating bad habits, and practicing warm-ups. I love singing with her, and it’s just a genuine joy working with her. Not only does she improve your technique and your voice, but also she makes singing a fun experience. Through singing, I can express myself and my emotions, and I have even started songwriting with her. She’s a very talented person, and she uses her talents to help others. -Isabella B
    • Jodelle has definitely helped me become more confident in my vocal abilities. I was very new to voice lessons when I first started working with Jodelle and she has done an incredible job articulating the importance of breath work, vocalizing and proper mouth placement when singing. She is really good at figuring out what my personal needs are and providing me with tools I can use to improve my vocal range. As a dancer who is currently auditioning for musical theatre jobs, I am trying to build my book while also preparing my audition material. Jodelle goes above and beyond to make sure I feel comfortable and confident in my material before submitting my auditions to casting. Aside from being a great teacher and mentor, Jodelle is a wonderful person who I feel always goes out of her way to encourage me to continue to put in the extra work in order pursue my career goals.-Molly D
    • I took vocal lessons with Jodelle when I was in high school. Almost a decade later, I still use the tricks she taught me! She challenged me connect with my natural speaking register and helped me develop a strong, smooth, healthy and unique tone. The breath-focused warm-ups she taught me are regularly used tools in my vocal toolkit. At the time, I was just beginning writing songs. A songwriter herself, Jodelle was an encouraging example for me. She helped me perform my songs with stronger vocals and more confidence. The methods Jodelle taught me help me to this day. Whenever I come across a challenging part when I perform or record, I feel equipped to break it down and tackle it! -Olivia R
    • Jodelle has helped me grow as a singer and performer by helping me improve my vocal technique and confidence as an artist. She has helped me work on a variety of vocal material and always makes sure to get me performance ready, even on short notice. Jodelle is a wonderful voice teacher and genuine individual who makes each lesson worth every second! -Matthew C
    • Jodelle didn’t just improve and strengthen my voice, but she gave me confidence I couldn’t find in myself before. She built a comforting environment where mistakes were celebrated because that was a sign of progress. In just 2 years with her I found the confidence and technique to sing solos in Carnegie Hall, college auditions, high school musicals, or even at my own graduation. Not only were our lessons extremely helpful, but they were fun. Jodelle was both a teacher and a friend to me and I wish I had found her earlier! -Hayley C
    • It was a pleasure working with Jodelle and voice lessons with her were invaluable. Her teaching is quite comprehensive. She taught me vocal exercises and techniques to increase my stamina and range. She has an excellent ear and taught me to make small, concentrated adjustments that made huge differences. We spent a lot of focused time on my vocals for my original songs, and it helped tremendously. It was challenging but rewarding work, and I’m so appreciative of all that I learned. -Rebecca L
    • I loved working with Jodelle. She not only taught me so much, but was also incredibly supportive of everything I did outside the voice studio. -Emily P