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Vocal Technique & Coaching

I have loved to sing ever since I was a young child. Being selected for solos in grammar school chorus productions was so exciting for me. Singing always came so naturally to me so I never thought I needed to take lessons. I tried with a couple teachers but never really felt excited about it until I met Linda Benanti. For over 10 years, I studied with her and She taught me her amazing technique, the Linda Benanti Voice Technique. After I had been teaching for a couple of years, I quit my day job to pursue my solo music career. I took a huge leap of faith. I will never forget the day I walked into my lesson in a panic and said "Linda what am I going to do now for money?!" Very unexpectedly she said "Why don't you come teach for me?" Although I never had any teaching experience I jumped at the opportunity because I trusted she saw something in me. She had faith in me that I would become a great teacher.

What I enjoy most about teaching is the personal connections I build with each individual student. It brings me such joy to see a student improve their voice and technique and to build their confidence in doing so. Whether you want to improve your voice for karaoke or your church choir or pursue a career in singing, the Linda Benanti Voice Technique is absolutely proven to provide you with the tools necessary to get to your destination. I work with all genres of music and students of all ages ranging from 9 and up.

It's never too late to find your voice and explore the creativity of singing.

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